Why We Exist

Belong We exist for people to belong. Belonging is a human need. We all long for people and a place where we can simply “be” without expectations to behave or perform in a certain way. New Community is that place.

Believe We exist so that people can believe in Jesus. He was sent into the world to teach us how to have Joy, Peace, and Love, even in the midst of trying times. Jesus is our leader and our teacher. His desire is not just to get people into heaven some day, but to get heaven into people today. He died to begin the process of getting the evil out of us (sin), so that he could begin the process of getting heaven into us. New Community is a safe place to ask all your questions, so that your belief can begin or grow.

Become We exist so that people can become. God loves us just where we are, no matter what we’ve done, but he longs for us to become more. Through Jesus’ Life, death, and resurrection, he made it possible for us to begin the journey of becoming who we will be some day in heaven. This is not an easy journey, but it is good at every level! Do you want heaven some day? How about beginning the journey now, so you can begin to experience the blessings of heaven now. New Community has a growth process that helps you become wherever you are in your journey – seeker, new believer, or mature Christian. How can we help?


Jesus said, “I came so that they might have life, life abundant!” John 10:10
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