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About Us

We’re glad that you decided to stop by and check us out. Allow me tell you a little about us.


If you’re wondering about our logo, it’s formed by: N=New, and C² = Community Church.


The church in the New Testament was never a building, it was always the people. However, today if you ask anyone where they go to church, they will refer to a building with an address. If you press most people, they will provide a day and a time in which “church” begins and ends. New Community meets in a rented building, because we want to break ourselves of thinking about church as a building or an event. We want to think about ourselves as a group of people who are journeying together. We are journeying toward having a healthy vertical relationship with God and healthy horizontal relationships with the people around us. We are seeking to love God and be formed by him, so that we might love others more and more.

Hi, I’m Adam. I am the pastor of New Community Church. I was an industrial electrician for 20 years, before attending and graduating from Western Theological Seminary. When I became a pastor, I was commissioned to start a New Church in Lawton. New Community is the result. That was more than seven years ago.

I’ve been married to Shannon, my wife, for more than twenty-five years and we’re still very much in love! We have two beautiful daughters, Faith and Hope. We have lived near Lawton for more than fifteen years.

Some of my hobbies are hunting, woodworking, skiing, playing volleyball, and hanging out with people.

On behalf of NC², I’d like to thank you again for checking out New Community. I personally invite you to stop by and worship with us some Sunday! If you have any questions, just give me a call at 269-624-4080 or send me an email on the Contact Us page.